Vaginal Dryness Treatment

Vaginal Dryness Treatment

About Vaginal Dryness:

Vaginal Dryness or Tightness is a painful symptom that affects a female’s perfection of life. In this situation, a female feels pain during sitting, exercising, urinating, and sexual intercourse. Basically, a female vaginal lining is lubricated with fluid that helps keeps it thick and elastic.

Our Ayurvedacharya & Asia Famous Sexologist Dr. Sunil Dubey says that Vaginal Dryness happens when the tissues in vagina are dry, thin, and not well-moisturized. This vaginal dryness leads to discomfort, especially during sexual intercourse. It can happen in women at any phase of life. This is very common in women or people Assigned Female at Birth (AFAB) during or after menopause when estrogen levels decline. In reality, the hormone estrogen always helps a women’s vaginal lining, moisturizing, and healthy. If the level of estrogen hormone decreases then the vaginal walls become thin, dry, and fragile. In menopause, the vaginal dryness is very common thing in every woman is also called vaginal atrophy.

He also noted that approximately 15–20% of women aged 18–50 years at birth (AFAB) worldwide report vaginal dryness during intercourse, even before menopause. Half of the women population experience vaginal dryness after menopause. As an experience of women, 20% women get Vaginal Dryness in aged 18-50 whereas 25% women get it aged 50- 59.

Characteristics of Vaginal Dryness or Tightness:

Generally, in vaginal dryness, the whole women private part & systems like Vagina, Uterus, Ovary, Fallopian Tube, and Estrogen Hormone play a big role. Thin and Dry Vaginal Lining & Decreased Blood Flow is the symbol of a vaginal dryness while the normal vagina lubricants always facilitate thick and moist vaginal lining.

Causes of Vaginal Dryness:

The world-class sexologist Dr. Sunil Dubey explains further about the possible causes of Vaginal Dryness/Tightness. Mostly cases of Vaginal Dryness are based on the declination of level of estrogen hormone in women. It normally takes place in each woman life that aging or during menopause.

Menopause :

When a woman menstrual period ends and there is no chance to become pregnant. The level of estrogen hormone declines then the skin and tissues of the vulva & vagina become thinner, fragile, and less elastic; that’s why, a woman’s vagina gets dry and tight.

There are some certain health conditions and treatments can also cause for the vaginal dryness. Ultimately, Vaginal Dryness results from the following reasons:
1. Breastfeeding & Childbirth
2. Birth Control Pills (Hormonal)
3. Cancer Treatment (Chemotherapy & Hormone Therapy)
4. Certain Medication, Anti-Estrogen Medicines
5. Certain antidepressants and antihistamines
6. Sjogren’s syndrome
7. Removal of Ovaries
8. Lack of Sexual Arousal
9. Using perfumed soaps, spray, and washes around vagina

 Vaginal Dryness Treatment

After that, our sexologist Dr. Sunil Dubey shared some experimental feelings about Vaginal Dryness in women: As we all know that rubbing anything on a dry area leads to blockage, the result of which is painful and unbearable. The same situation takes place in a woman's vaginal dryness part.

Women that suffer from Vaginal Dryness feel:-
1. Discomfort & Pain in Vagina
2. Burning & Itching
3. Bleeding after Intercourse
4. Yeast Infection
5. Need to urinate more and more
6. Running away from sexual desire

A personal experience of a female who says- She feels dryness or irritation when putting on her under garments. She does feel discomfort in her normal activity like walking, sitting, or wearing. Tip: Less Moisture in Vaginal Area leads to less lubricants in the vulvar area (external genital area), that’s why; she feels like that.

Treatment of Vaginal Dryness:

In facts, there are many allopathic medicines available for this Vaginal Dryness and Painful Intercourse (Dyspareunia) but everybody knows that it has some side-effects. Dubey Clinic is an Ayurveda Medicare Clinic that provides fully Ayurvedic Medication, Treatment, and Advice for all types of sexual, skin, and other problems sake. The Asia famous Sexologist Dr. Sunil Dubey gives some tips when women suffer from Vaginal Dryness. His tips and notions always help those all who want to get rid of their sexual dysfunction or problems.
1. Eat a healthy diet
2. Practice pelvic floor exercise
3. Drink 7-10 liter of water
4. Avoid Douching (Washing)
5. Use natural personal care products

This is the complete sets of Ayurveda, Naturopathy, and Natural Herbs including natural world-famous ashes helps to fix the women vaginal dryness sexual dysfunction. This certified and quality approved clinic provides 100% exact and effective ayurvedic medicines to all over India sexual male and female patients. In fact, the world-famous Ayurvedacharya is the best sexologist in India who is always available to both male and female sexual defunct patient on-call, WhatsApp, online, and in-clinic.

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