Female Sexual Arousal

Female Sexual Arousal Treatment

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A touch light on Sexual Arousal:

Sexual Arousal is also known as Sexual Excitement that describes the physiological and psychological responses in the preparation for sexual intercourse. Whenever the feeling of sex is awakened in a man or a woman, there are many reactions in their body and mind, which continue even during sex. Male Arousal leads to an erection whereas Female Arousal is such different from male. A female arousal lead to body's response in which her engorged sexual tissues such as- nipple, vulva, clitoris, vaginal walls, and vaginal lubrication get excited her too much.

Mental and physical stimuli occur in both men and women such as touch and internal hormonal changes always affect sexual arousal. There are several stages of sexual arousal. In fact, sexual activity is a far cry from mental stimulation psychological changes. If a male or female gets sufficient sexual stimulation then sexual arousal reaches at its climax during an orgasm. Now, coming to the main topic about Female Sexual Arousal…

What is the feeling and change in a woman during sexual arousal?

The world-famous sexologist and Ayurvedacharya Dr. Sunil Dubey says- Sexual Arousal in a male and female is really an unforgettable moment where one who gets sexually aroused, excided then many physical, emotional, and psychological signals are triggered on his body. The sexual aroused person’s nerves, blood vessels, brain, and hormone; all of them change in the same way, but that is not end. His thoughts and emotions also appear to play willingly when he/she gets "turned on".

Signs and Symptoms of Female Sexual Arousal:

Our experienced sexologist Dr. Sunil Dubey says on signs of sexual arousal in female. When a female gets her sexual arousal then her mood totally changes and her body language gives some signals that she is excited.

There are some signs of female body languages that changes during sexually arousal:
1. Breasts: The couple breasts are getting bumped
2. Nipples: The nipples are getting hard like erect
3. Heart-Rate: The heart-rat & breathing are getting faster
4. Vagina: Swelling of the inner lips of vagina and clitoris
5. Orgasm: Having an orgasm (climaxing or peak)

Dr. Sunil Dubey, Ayurvedacharya also said, everyone is distinct but whenever he passes through the sexual arousal then the four stages (Excitement, Arousal, Orgasm, and Resolution) respond equally.

Mainly, he is going to describe the four stages of a sexual arousal in female. In fact, Male sexual arousal is simple and straight-forward that he erects physically, mentally, and psychologically at the same point. But, the female sexual arousal is totally different from a male that's why we obviously need to know it to make our healthy sexual or marital life.

Female Sexual Arousal Treatment

4 Stages of a Female Sexual Arousal:
1. Excitement (Motivation)
2. Arousal (Plateau)
3. Orgasm (Climax)
4. Resolution (Intent)

Our famous sexologist and Ayurveda Specialist Dr. Sunil Dubey explain these four stages in turn. How a female get aroused in her life and what the changes affect in her body.

The first stage: Excitement

Excitement is the first stage of sexual arousal where a female starts feeling excited because of thoughts, words, sights, smells, and touch. In this stage, she feels a desire to have sexual intercourse but this desire can only grow when she goes to the second stage of arousal. A female feels that her muscles in the body started to begin tensed and both the heart-rate and breathing have got faster. Her breasts may become bumped and her nipples may stiff. In this situation, she may start thinking about masturbating that can give her sexual pleasure by stimulating her genitals through touching or rubbing ultimately.

The second stage: Arousal

Sexual Arousal is happened when both thought about and felt in body at the same time of sexual excitement. Blood will start flow to the vagina, making the clitoris and vaginal walls swell. The increased blood flow causes of the vagina to produce more lubricating fluid that is often said, "Getting Wet". This is the prime facie physical sign of female arousal with excitement. Her muscles will start tightening and her clitoris will feel very sensitive. Her breathing and heart rate will also start to increase. The whole incident takes place in the second stage of a female arousal.

The third stage: Orgasm

India's most recognized sexologist Dr. Sunil Dubey explained further about the third stage of female sexual arousal- Orgasm. When a female access the climax of sexual excitement, it is known as having an orgasm. Just before orgasm, the muscles throughout the body tenses up even more as if it becomes tighten. As the female orgasm begins, the muscles in her vagina stiff and contract in a rhythmical way.

It is a miracle that an orgasm generally lasts for only a few seconds. During that time, a female will have involuntary muscle contractions and spasms, and her blood pressure, heart rate and breathing will at their highest rate. It might be possible that female will even feel a sudden, strong release of sexual tension. In many cases, female complains that she does not get satisfied with one orgasm that means she requires multiple orgasms. Here, it is important to know those women actually, how many times they need to have an orgasm to enjoy a sexual life.

The fourth stage: Resolution

Revolution is the final stage of a female sexual arousal where she feels a sense of overall wellbeing and is completely relaxed. Generally, this fourth stage will come just after orgasm, but here it is not a conditional stage it can happen after sexual activity without an orgasm. At the last stage, her body will begin to come back to its original levels of functioning with her heart rate and breathing returning to normal. The swollen areas will also get back to their genuine state and it might be possible that she may even feel sleepy.

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