Leucoderma Treatment

About Leucoderma skin disease:

Leucoderma is a skin disease that causes of losing of skin pigmentation like melanin that leads to skin whitening. It is also known as Vitiligo generally. The white patches on the skin are the term as Leukoderma. This is really a terrible white patch on skin that gets severe; the spots cover the entire body including scalp, face, and the genitals. Apart from Melanin (folic acid), deficiency of vitamin D3 and vitamin B12 can also cause Vitiligo.
Melanin - A natural substance present in the body that provides color to eyeball, hair, and skin. Melanocytes cells produce melanin in the body.

A difference between Vitiligo and Leucoderma:

The difference between Vitiligo and Lecoderman is based on only one thing. Vitiligo is a self-generated skin problem while Lecoderma can occur after a cut, a burn, or after allergy from some chemical (Deodorant, Perfume, or any beauty product).

1-2% of the people in the whole world are suffering from this skin disease Leucoderma but it is the misfortune of the people of India that here 4-5% of the total population is suffering from this skin disease. Mainly the people of the state of Rajasthan and Gujarat are suffering from this skin problem the most. Superstitious or less educated people consider it as leprosy and keep distance from the patient. Some people even consider this disease as a stigma.

Sign & Symptoms of Leucoderma on Skin:

First of all, we have to understand about Mucosa which is the soft tissue in our body. Mucosa is a soft tissue that lines the digestive, respiratory and reproductive systems of the human body. Another name for mucosa is mucous membrane. Mucosa consists of three layers namely- Epithelium, Lamina propria and Muscularis mucosae.

The disturbance of Mucosa in a person’s body that’s why-
- This skin disease causes damage to the body; it first appears on the hands, face and genitals.
- Premature graying of body hair, such as on the head, eyelashes, eyebrows, and beard
- The color of the mucous membrane of the human body starts getting discolored.

Causes of Leucoderma:

There is no any authentic cause is present here for this skin disease. Therapeutics speculates that this is due to intracellular edema of superficial epithelial cells as well as retention of superficial parakeratin.

- It is thought that smoking and cannabis is linked to this condition where this skin disease can rise
- As a hypothesis, there is frequent subclinical irritation in those areas caused by low grade irritant spices, oral debris or tobacco.
- Infection: One of the most common causes of vitiligo is either viral or bacterial infection, for example - leprosy, syphilis, lichen planus and other diseases
- Job: Staying in a job that demands continuous exposure to some chemicals, or sun causing sunburns, also causes Leucoderma


Actually, there is medicine for this skin disease in allopathic, surgery and other medical resources but all these treatments are not satisfactory to cure this disease completely.

Actually, this skin disease takes a long time to get rid of the patient's body. This is a long-process treatment where the patient has to keep lots of patience.

Many people ask our Ayurvedacharya Dr. Sunil Dubey that Leucoderma skin disease can spread if a person comes into contact with the patient. Here, he said- Lecoderma is not an infection. It is not contagious skin problems and does not spread from person to person. In the ancient Ayurveda time, this skin problem was known as - “Shwetha kushta” because of its white patches.

Some of people ask about whether Vitamin D can reverse vitiligo.

Our ayurvedacharya said- In fact, Vitamin D3 increases Tyrosinase activity and Melanogenesis in vitro that may lead to re-pigmentation in vitiligo skin lesions.

Can vitamin D reverse vitiligo?

Studies suggest that vitamin D3 increases tyrosinase activity and melanogenesis in vitro, which may lead to re-pigmentation in vitiligo skin lesions. Calcipotriol and tacalcitol, which are vitamin D proportion both, are also known to induce repigmentation in patients with vitiligo probably.

And finally our Ayurvedacharya Dr. Sunil Dubey told that any skin problem or disease is harmful for the patient. Here the patient needs to have a lot of patience at the time of treatment and medicine. Probably the patient of skin disease takes time to get rid of his problem.

Ayurveda medicine and Naturopathy methods always help the patients to cure their skin problems without any side effects.

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