Which doctor is called sexologist on the request of many people from India and abroad? Dubey Clinic is going to tell some informative details about sexologists and their professional work. We hope that everyone is getting satisfied after reading this query answer.

A sexologist is a specialist or doctor who has expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of sexual diseases, disorders and problems and has in-depth knowledge of solutions.
A sexologist studies the medical science of sexology which is the scientific study of human sexuality. This human sexuality includes human sexual interest, behavior and actions.

In the medical science of sexology, the entire essential sex-related topics such as anatomy, physiology, sexual development, sexual orientation, and statistics of sexual relations and the mechanics of sexual contact, smell and actions are studied by a progressive sexologist.

Senior and expert sexologists have a good knowledge of human history, biology, gender studies, psychology and other courses related to human sexuality. He assigns sexual functions on social, religious and cultural grounds.

Sex therapist or sexologist always improves the sexual function of the patient. He applies cognitive-behavioral therapy and sex therapy to help individuals and couples improve their sexual health and relationship satisfaction which is very helpful for people with sexual disorders.

A sexologist is capable of treating the following sexual disorders:

  • Orgasmic Disorder (Dissatisfied in Copulation)
  • Pain during Intercourse (Vaginismus)
  • Low sexual arousal (Loss of Libido)
  • Ejaculating Quick (Premature Ejaculation)
  • Delayed Ejaculation (None Ejaculation)
  • Sexual Dysfunctions (Sexual Disorders)
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Many people want to know about the work of sexologist how he treats the patient on the bed. Actually, the curiosity of those people is genuine but they should understand that one who is expert in human sexuality always helps to solve the problems of the patients.

Generally, a sexologist does a manual and mechanical checkup of the patient which is causing the problem. He works just like a doctor according to the medical science of sexology.

For example, if someone falls ill, he goes to a doctor for treatment. It does not matter whether the doctor is male or female. Similarly sexologist solves the problems of both male and female sexual patients.

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This is indeed an interesting question for those who have a lot of interest in sexual activity and its functions. To become a sexologist as a professional does require some specific knowledge (biological, psychological, anatomy, and sexual structure information since, it is a scientific study of sexology.

The study about sexual desire, sexual actions and sexual behavior are the most important things in this sexology medical science.

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