Dr. Sunil Kumar Dubey

Best Sexologist Doctor in India based on Patna, Bihar
  • Ayurvedachrya & Gold Medalist Sexologist


B.A.M.S (Ranchi) | M.R.H.S (London) | Ph.D. in Ayurveda (USA)


National, International, Asian, and State-level (Best Ayurvedic Sexologist & Researcher Awards)

Experience of successful treatment of more than 3.52 lakh patients

Dubey Clinic (An ISO Certified Clinic in India)

About Senior Sexologist Doctor of India – Dr. Sunil Dubey

Dr. Sunil Dubey is a name that is famous not only in India but also in Asia and the whole world for his sexologist profession and best sexual counseling. Presently, he is the director of Dubey Clinic which is a certified Ayurveda clinic in Patna, Bihar India.

Educational Qualification in Sexology Medical Science:

Dr. Sunil Dubey is world renowned Ayurvedacharya for male and female sexual patients all over India and best sexologist in Patna, Bihar. He has completed his studies in Sexology Medicine in various higher institutes. He has completed Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) from Ranchi University. That M.R.H.S, he deserves it even from London. He completed his PhD degree in Ayurveda from America.

Practice in Dubey Clinic:

In fact, Dr. Sunil Dubey has been practicing at Dubey Clinic for a long time. He is a professional sexologist, best sexual medicine counselor and Ayurveda specialist who treat both male and female sexual patients. He gives enough time to each sexual patient where he shares his problems in a friendly manner. A lady assistant of Dubey clinic helps a female sexual patient. Here whenever a female patient comes to this clinic, it is mandatory for her guardian or family member to be present.

Experience & Credentials:

Being a responsible and experienced Ayurveda specialist, he has been serving the sexual patients of India since 2001 as a professional sexologist. Before 2001, he was also engaged in the work of his father, who was a renowned Vaidya in Patna, Bihar. His father Dr. Subhash Dubey taught him the intricacies of Ayurveda medicine and treatment which was also a practical knowledge and experience for him. Undoubtedly, Dr. Sunil Dubey has the most time of experience in this Ayurvedic Specialist and Sexologist profession. He has a good reputation and credential among all the people of India. He has so far cured more than 3.75 lakhs of sexual patients, childless couples, people suffering from common sexual diseases and chronic sexual disorders. The success rate of patients benefited is more than 90% while the remaining 10% patients either skip the course of the medicine or leave the medicine due to any other reason.

Awards & Achievements:

In fact, as your experience blossoms, so does your presence spread everywhere? The world renowned Ayurvedacharya has received innumerable awards at the national, international and state levels. He has won the Asia Renowned Sexologist Award for his great contribution in the field of Ayurveda Medicare for the treatment of sexologist patients.

Brief description of his awards and achievements:

- Best Ayurvedacharay Award for the specific contribution in Ayurvedic Specialist
- Honorary Doctorate Degree of Ayurvedacharya by Bolesbridge University (USA)
- Asia Famous Sexologist for Ayurveda Ratna with Gold Medal International Award
- Global Talented Sexologist Award for the great performance in this profession
- Bharat Gaurav Award for the great contribution in Ayurveda Medicare
- BiharShree Ratna Award for the excellent performance in Ayurveda Medication
- Bihar Jyoti Awards for the contribution in Ayurveda Medicare

Vision & Ambition:

Dr. Sunil Dubey is a nature lover who always loves nature. He is also a true patriot who always wants to serve the motherland, that's why; He declined several opportunities to practice abroad. He has only one vision to help the sexual patients to get rid of their problems. For this he is working hard and has done many researches on Ayurveda Medicare.

After all, he has discovered some sexual ayurvedic medicines in the profession of sexologist. All the Ayurvedic medicines researched by him are a panacea for chronic sexual patients. His discovered medicines are based on native remedies, naturopathy, world famous Bhasma and pure Ayurveda remedies.

He spends his 12 hours every day at Dubey clinic where he treats and examines patients suffering from sexual dysfunction. He provides his Ayurvedic treatment and medicine to all societies of sexual patients at Dubey Clinic in Patna, Bihar India. Sexually disabled women and men are adopting his invented medicine and getting rid of their problems from the root forever.

A Message to People:

Dr. Sunil Dubey requests all sexual patients to never fall in the trap of quacks or inexperienced sexologists. By meeting them you not only waste your time but also lose your healthy body. He said quacks or inexperienced sexologists mix both allopathic and ayurvedic medicines together. These adulterated medicines are very harmful for sexual patients. It is not detected in the initial run but after some time it starts affecting your body. As a result, you get sick or become sexually weak which you never imagined before.
Caution: Allopathic sexual medicine always affects your heart, liver and brain. Its result is immediate but temporary and with side effects. Always be careful in choosing your health care treatment.

With Best Wishes:
Dr. Sunil Dubey
Gold Medalist Sexologist Doctor of India

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