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If you are looking for the best sexologist doctor or clinic in Patna, Bihar or anywhere in India, this is Dubey Clinic where you get 100% reliable treatment, natural medicine and full time relief from your sexual problems.

Firstly, Dubey Clinic pays homage to Dhanvantari, an avatar of Vishnu who has been the physician of the gods in Hinduism. By his grace, we all Ayurveda doctors are serving the people. Everyone knows the date of 23 October which is celebrated as National Ayurveda Day.

Best Sexologist Clinic – A Look at the History of Dubey Clinic

In 1975, Dubey Clinic came into limelight among the people of Patna, Bihar when there was not a single Ayurveda medical rehabilitation center in this city.

The renowned Indian Vaidya and Ayurvedic doctor Dr. Subhash Dubey established the Dubey Clinic in Patna. He was a principled person and loved nature. He had very good knowledge of Ayurvedic Medicine, Naturopathy Science and Ayurveda Bhasma. At the time when he started treating sexual patients with Ayurveda method, at that time there was not even a single recognized Ayurveda hospital in the capital of Bihar.

Seeing the condition of sexual patients, he established this clinic, so that he could do good to them. It was a miracle at that time as it was a one-stop Ayurveda clinic where any old or new sex patient could cure their sexual problems with the help of traditional medicine. He treated many patients every day and the patients returned home happily after taking the right medicine.

His love for nature and Ayurveda medicine worked on the patients, which made him very happy. He was getting both name and fame in the field of Ayurveda medicine. Most of the people respected him a lot because he solved the sexual problems of both poor and rich people. There was no discrimination between rich and poor patients in Dubey Clinic. The same drugs and treatment were available to all societies of sexually active patients. Dr. Subhash Dubey's contribution to this profession of sexologist has been truly unforgettable, benefiting sexual patients not only from India but also from abroad.

A Present Scenario of Dubey Clinic:

Now at present Dr. Sunil Dubey is playing the same role in the footsteps of his father. He is a world renowned Ayurvedacharya and Asia renowned Gold Medalist Sexologist who treats sexual patients all over India with full dedication. He is a highly-qualified and experienced sexologist doctor in Patna where sex patients from all over Bihar without knowing anyone give him first priority.

He has studied sexologist in the profession of Ayurveda from Higher Educational Institute of Sexology Medical Sciences and nowadays, he practices at Dubey Clinic which is located at Dubey Market, Langar Toli Chauraha in Patna, Bihar.

Most of the time, he is busy with the patients and the rest of the time he does his research on sexual medicine. He has researched many Ayurveda medicines for male and female sexual dysfunction which are very effective and useful for chronic sexual dysfunction.

An expert team of Dubey Clinic Ayurveda Medicare also helps the patients before and after the treatment. It is a medically registered and ISO 9001:2015 certified clinic in Patna, Bihar India that always believes in offering quality-proven medicine and treatment.

best ayurvedic clinic in patna
best ayurvedic clinic in patna

An Internal Scenario of Ayurveda Clinic & Research Centre:

In fact, being the first Ayurveda Medicare clinic in Bihar, the interior of this clinic is so charming that everyone feels better here. Neat and spacious clinic hall always provides lot of peace and patience to the patient.

The waiting room is good where the patient can wait patiently for his turn. There is so much space in the doctor's chamber; where apart from a patient, more than one of his well-wishers live.

Dubey Clinic prepares each patient's medicine in its own laboratory. This Ayurvedic medicine, prepared in its own lab with 100% purity, is pure, effective and a panacea for sexual dysfunction.

Clinical timing is 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM which is open every day for 365 days. Outpatients can make a call and reach the clinic within the stipulated time to take their medicines.

Dubey Research Centre is one of the most impactful and well-equipped laboratories where the Ayurveda Specialists & doctors' team prepare natural and herbal medication.

An Overview of Dubey Clinic, Certfied Clinic of India

Keeping in mind all the basic and essential points, here we can say that Dubey clinic is doing good work for all sexual dysfunction patients. Physically, the arrival location of this clinic is accessible to all. The three facing location always makes it easy to reach the clinic from all sides. However, the place is crowded; the clinic provides parking facility for outstation patients.
Expertise in Ayurveda Medicare always makes it easy for every sex patient can confidently visit world renowned Ayurvedacharya (Sexologist) and get their medicine.

Some Memorable Features:

  • Registered Clinic in India
  • 99% Positive Clinical Records
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • 60 Years of Establishment
  • All Sexual Dysfunctions Treatment
  • On-Call Doctor Privileges
  • On-Call Appointment Facility
  • Medicine Courier Privileges
  • Well-Reputation of this Clinic
  • Special Care for Female SD Patient
  • Both Male and Female Sexual Treatment
  • Confidential Data & Records
  • Proper Response & Care for Patient
  • Self-Made Ayurvedic Medicines
  • An Expert Ayurveda Medicare Team
  • Short Courses of Medication
  • 365 Days Service & Treatment Facility
  • Best Healthcare with Intensive Observation
  • Good Credentials among all the people
  • That’s all…
    With warm wishes:
    Dubey Clinic

    Dubey Clinic is an Ayurveda medical and treatment shelter that provides medicine to sexual patients all over India. India’s top-most rated and senior sexologist Dr. Sunil Dubey treats both male and female sexual patients. He is a gold-medalist sexologist and world-renowned Ayurvedacharya, the best sexologist and health care provider for old, new and casual sexual patients.

    The Specialty of Dubey Clinic for local patients:
    Generally patients from Bihar and surrounding cities come under the category of local patients. These local patients can arrive at Dubey Clinic within hours of making an appointment. First clinic visit is always helpful for sexual patients where they easily meet Dr. Sunil Dubey and share all their problems and after that they get treatment and medicine. Patients can easily get their checkup done in the presence of this clinic medical assistance. Generally, this clinic provides some necessary investigation privileges in Dubey Clinic.
    After the first appointment the patient can easily collect his medicines through courier. Dubey Clinic provides medicine delivery facility through courier to sexual patients all over India. Mostly local patients get their medicines after their first clinic visits.

    The Specialty of Dubey Clinic for the outstation patients:
    Outpatients, who are unable to visit the Dubey Clinic; Mainly, these types of patients belong to other states like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Jaipur, Jammu & Kashmir and all the states of India.
    Dubey Clinic provides services for the treatment and medicine of the patients of sexual, marital and occult diseases all over India. There are some out patients who prefer to visit Dubey clinic after taking their appointment. They are always welcome at Dubey Clinic. Some outpatients who do not wish to visit the clinic but wish to receive on-call consultations as well as treatment and medication. Dubey Clinic also provides them with an on-call sexologist doctor and also provides medicines through courier.
    WhatsApp and Gmail are unbreakable online communication bonds where outside patients easily connect with them and keep in touch with Dubey Clinic.

    This is a common question in the mind of many sexual patients that how many have been treated and cured by this clinic.
    Actually, Dubey Clinic is Bihar's first Ayurvedic clinic which is located in Patna. In today's time, world famous Ayurvedacharya and sexologist Dr. Sunil Dubey does treatment and checkup of sexual patients. In this clinic both male and female sexual patients get their treatment and medicine.

    Dubey Clinic is serving people and sex patients since 1970. Till date Dubey Clinic has cured more than 4.55+ lakh sexual patients. Dr. Sunil Dubey is a well-known sexologist from Bihar who is famous all over India including the world.
    In Dubey Clinic every day, there is a great number and different types of sexual patients visit and get their most effective Ayurvedic and natural Medication.

    Dubey Clinic provides both manual and mechanized diagnosis facilities for sexual patients. Apart from clinical diagnosis, this clinic also conducts psychological testing for sexually deviant patients.
    In fact, psychological testing is very helpful for psychopaths in overcoming their problems. Dr. Sunil Dubey is a top-3 senior sexologist doctor of India who conducts this psychological test of the needy and then provides medicines.

    As all the people of India know, that Dubey Clinic is an Ayurvedic medicine and treatment privilege clinic. This certified clinic always provides Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Herbal, world famous Bhasma, natural oil, and home remedies for the treatment of its sexual patients.

    This is the only clinic in Bihar which never adulterates in its Ayurvedic medicine.
    There are many such Ayurvedic clinics which mix allopathic medicine in the name of Ayurveda to give quick results. But Dubey Clinic cares about the importance and quality of Ayurveda. This clinic provides 100% pure, natural, and effective medicine which is the panacea for any kind of sexual dysfunction patient.

    The patient, whether male or female, is only a patient for the doctor.

    Dubey Clinic provides treatment and medicine for male, female, young, and middle-age sexual patients. This clinic has a very good reputation among people all over India where any sexual patient easily come to this clinic or take consultation and get their full time treatment in return of their problem.

    Till date, Dubey Clinic has treated more than 4.55 lakh sexually active patients including female. There is no discrimination between male and female sexual patients in this clinic.

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    Do not hide your sexual or venereal disease, take advice to eliminate it from the roots. Meet to World Famous & Best Sexologist Dr. Sunil Dubey who has been the most time of experience in this Ayurveda & Sexology Medical Science profession.


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