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About Begusarai and its surroundings:

Begusarai is a district of Bihar which is bordered by Khagaria in the east, Patna in the west, Samastipur in the north and Lakhisarai in the south. The district is famous for its industrial importance and being a part of the historical Mithila region. Prominent Hindi poet, national poet Ramdhari Singh "Dinkar" and famous historian Professor Ram Sharan Sharma are also from here.

There are 5 subdivisions in this district namely Begusarai, Ballia, Teghra, Manjhaul and Bakhri. Begusarai has 18 blocks namely- Begusarai subdivision has 5 blocks namely- Begusarai, Barauni, Matihani, Birpur and Samho Akaha Kurha. Balia subdivision has 3 blocks namely- Balia, Dandari, and Sahebpur Kamal. Teghra subdivision has 4 blocks namely- Teghra, Bachhwara, Bhagwanpur, and Mansoorchank. Manjhaul subdivision has 3 blocks namely- Cheriya Bariyarpur, Chhorahi, and Khudabandpur. Bakhari has 3 blocks namely- Bakhari, Garhpura, and Nawkothi.

The population of Begusarai, which has 1229 villages, is approximately 29.7 lakh. The average literacy rate of this district is 76% and the male to female ratio is 82:70. The sex ratio of this city is 885 females per 1000 males. The condition of health centers is not so good in this city. There are only a few super-specialty private hospitals in this district, hence; People of this city are always looking for other major urban hospitals.

About Health and Medication of Begusarai People:

Due to good literacy rate, people of this district are always conscious about their health. For emergency medical treatment or advanced medicine, they go to hospitals in Patna, Delhi and other major cities. Mostly patients from Begusarai always give their first priority to Patna or Delhi for their advanced medical treatment.

People of this city always go out of Begusarai for the betterment of their health. It is a sex life which most of the Indian people are always shy to discuss. Traditionally, most of the people of India follow the culture and tradition; it is always a good sign of person.

A survey of International Sexology Medical Science has revealed that half of the population is suffering from some disease or the other. The condition of sexual patient always remains in the same ratio. Due to lack of sex education and distorted mentality of some people, the proportion of sexual patients always increases. However, by following traditions any person can maintain his sexual health. Only we have to take right decisions and take care of good health.

About Best Sexologist in Begusarai:

Sexual pheonemon is an integral part of any human being, whether human or animal. New creation or life is possible only after sexual intercourse. Therefore no one can turn away from reality. It is a good mind that always keeps a good explorer, in the same way; if we think positive about sexual life we always face it easily.

If a person becomes unwell he goes to the doctor and gets himself treated. It is general or emergency medical case where everyone helps the patient. On the contrary, if a person is suffering from any sexual disease then he tries to hide this problem. What people say about sexual dysfunction is a flaw in thinking. Here Dubey Clinic makes all those sexual patients aware to never hide their sexual or any problem as it gets complicated in future where treatment is rare.

Nowadays, most of the educated people go outside the city for their sexual treatment. The local people of this city first search for their nearest sexologist doctor on Google. Actually, there is no certified and highly qualified sexologist doctor in Begusarai that is why; Most of the sexual patients of this city always go to Dubey Clinic which is located in Patna, Bihar.

Today, Dr. Sunil Dubey is one of the most renowned sexologists of India who treats every sexual patient at Dubey Clinic. It is the first Ayurveda clinic of Bihar which provides all types of treatment and medicine facilities to male and female sexual patients. He has been serving sexual patients across India since 2001 while Dubey Clinic was established in 1970. Sexual patients from all the districts of Bihar come to Dubey Clinic and get treatment for their sexual diseases. Dr. Sunil Dubey is a senior Gold Medalist Sexologist doctor in Patna who is available on phone for all sexual patients from 14:00 PM to 18:00 PM every day. Every day 2-3 sexual patients from Begusarai district approach Dubey Clinic for their better sexual and marital life.

The Specialization of Ayurveda Medicare Clinic - Dubey Clinic

Most intelligent and educated people know that the exact medicine and solution for sexual diseases is only in Ayurveda system of medicine. That is why, they believe in this traditional medicine and remedy. Ayurveda Medicare can cure any sexual disease from its root. Not only the Indian sexual patients but also the foreign sexual patients almost contact Dubey Clinic for the sake their better sexual health.

Dubey Clinic is an Ayurveda clinic that provides complete range of Ayurvedic, Naturopathy, Herbal, Natural Bhasma and Oils to male and female sexual patients. The world-famous Ayurvedacharya Dr. Sunil Dubey is the top-most demanding sexologist in India who prepares all the ayurvedic medicines in Dubey Lab. This is the effective and pure Ayuvedic Medicines of Dubey Clinic that makes a person healthy and wealthy.


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