Delayed Ejaculation Treatment

Delayed Ejaculation Treatment

About Delayed Ejaculation (DE)

Delayed Ejaculation is also known as various names such as- Impaired Ejaculation, Profane Ejaculation, Delayed Orgasm, and so on. A man who is suffering from Delayed Ejaculation sexual dysfunction needs more than half an hour of sexual stimulation to reach at the climax, orgasm, and ejaculate. Actually, there are plenty of multiple causes, including depression, anxiety, neuropathy, and reactions to medications. It is fact that there is no any drug has been specifically approved for Delayed Ejaculation (DE), but medication used for conditions such as- Parkinson’s disease has been shown to help. As a matter of fact that Ayurveda Medicare and its treatment provide the most effective result to the Delayed Ejaculation sexual patients.

Dr. Sunil Dubey has mentioned this Delayed Ejaculation or Delayed Orgasm Disorder in male is a common sexual problem in which a male takes a prolonged period to get sexual stimulation and the time may be greater than half an hour. The Delayed Ejaculation Sexual patients either get his orgasm or not. Both cases can be possible in his sexual activity. He added that as an International Health Survey Report, in the world, there are 1-4% of male populations are suffering from this Delayed Ejaculation sexual dysfunction.

Causes of Delayed or Impaired Ejaculation:

Most of male people ejaculate within a few minutes of starting to thrust during their sexuality intercourse. To be precise, men who suffer from delayed ejaculation take a lot of effort to ejaculate, which means it can take a long time, up to about 45 minutes. He added that there are both psychological and physical cause plays an important role to defect the ejaculation period.

Psychological causes that affect the ejaculation period:

  • The religious background where a person view sex as a sinful work
  • Lack of attraction to the female partner (smell or hug)
  • An excessive masturbation that is a conditional cause
  • Traumatic Events (Illicit partner's affair, seen discovered masturbating, having illicit sex, etc.)
  • Anger towards your partner can lead this sexual dysfunction.

  • Physical Causes that also produce the Delayed Ejaculation:
  • Blockage of the ducts that semen passes through out
  • Usage of certain drugs and medicines
  • Nervous System Diseases (Stroke or Nerve Damage to the spinal cord)
  • Pelvic nerve damage after/during surgery
  • Delayed Ejaculation Treatment

    The world-famous Ayurvedacharya also said to the sexual patients that they should never perplex about their problems. It is good news that Ayurveda Medicare works slow but sure. Dubey Clinic has been treating the large numbers of Delayed Orgasm Disorder or Delayed Ejaculation sexual patients and mostly has got the better result to fix their respective problems. He added that Dubey Clinic provides one of the best Ayurveda treatment and checkup privileges to the patients where they adopt it. This clinic conducts a physical examination for the patients’ treatment sake in which the patients have to get their blood or urine test for their underlying problems.

    Our Ayurveda Clinic treats every 4 patients of 100 male sexual patients as a delayed ejaculation. All over India’s sexual patients contact us for this impaired ejaculation and they get their problem solution either on-phone or visiting in clinic.

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