Arousal Disorder

Arousal Disorder Treatment

Precise Notes on Sexual Arousal Disorder:

When a person who has inability to become physically aroused or excited during the sexual activity then it is called that person is suffering from Sexual Arousal Disorder (SAD). It is true, sexual arousal disorder is most commonly found in women around the world. This disorder is negligible in men mostly time but not all time.

How do we recognize that a female is suffering from Sexual Arousal Disorder (SAD)?

Our India’s best sexologist says, well. This is really a good question because of the symptoms of female arousal sexual disorders.
1. A deficiency of sexual desire
2. No initiation of sexual intimacy
3. No sensation in genital organs
4. No sexual pleasure during intercourse
5. Rarely thinking about sexual life
6. A complete reduction of arousal psychologically
7. No excitement after reading erotica books, remembering fantasies.

Dr. Sunil Dubey says, basically, this Sexual Arousal Disorder (SAD) can take place in a person’s life in a general way or lifelong. It completely depends on the person’s life-style, environment, and nature which SAD is affecting him/her.

Causes of Sexual Arousal Disorder (SAD):

Regarding the reasons, our sexologist and Ayurvedacharya Dr. Sunil Dubey says that there are many causes for sexual arousal disorder such as- Psychological, Unrewarding Past Sexual Experience, Physical factors, Medical and Emotional factors etc.
Now, we understand these all causes of Sexual Arousal Disorder that affect a person sexual life.
1. Psychological Issues: Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Negative Thoughts, Guilt, Trauma
2. Hormonal Factors: Menopause, Birth-control Pills, Pregnancy
3. Physical Causes: Low Blood Circulation in private parts, Infection in private part, others
4. Medical Cause: Use of certain medicines, Diabetes, Chemotherapy, Radiation

About Treatment of Sexual Arousal Disorder (SAD):

The world-top 10 and famous sexologist Dr. Sunil Dubey says- For best and permanent result Ayurveda Medicare, Treatment, and Remedy is the best option for male and female sexual arousal disorder patients. Actually, the treatment for this sexual arousal disorder patient needs to understand about the fact of reality of sexual activity.

Where one side, hormonal issue affects a women sexual life the other side the lack of sex- education also affects a male patient. Firstly, the patients of sexual arousal need to escape from the field of allopathic medicines and its advertisement as it does not provide lifelong cure in lieu of this SAD problem. On the contrary, it gives many side-effects to the patient.

Being the first and most popular Ayurvedic Clinic in Patna, Bihar, Dubey Clinic provides this problem solution to all over India sexual disorder patients. It is a universal truth that those who recognize the power of Ayurveda do not go anywhere else. Ayurveda treatment method not only makes you natural but it also keeps you healthy for life.

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