Leucorrhoea Treatment

Leucorrhea Treatment

About Leucorrhoea:

Leucorrhoea is a Greek word that represents Leukos-White and Rhoia- Flow, Flux. Similarly, in Latin word, Leukorrhea is flour albus, it means- Flour denotes Flow and Albus denotes White.

Leucorrhoea or Leukorrhea is also known as Flour Albus or the Whites that is a thick, whitish, yellowish, or greenish vaginal discharge in a female. Vaginal discharge is a compound of fluid, cells, and bacteria that lubricates and keeps safe the vagina. It also helps for the vaginal opening in a female.

In fact, there are many causes of this sexual problem Leucorrhea in a female but the prime reason is Estrogen Hormone Imbalance. In this sexual problem, due to vaginal infection, discharge may increase in large amount and it may disappear or appear late. However, in leucorrhoea, the discharge can be for a long time. When this condition develops, the color of the discharge is yellowish and the smell is terrible. In particular, it is considered a non- pathological symptom for inflammation of the vagina or cervix.

Leucorrhoea is confirmed after the microscope examination in which it is seen >10 WBC per power field. Generally, Vaginal Discharge is normal, and causes of changing in discharge include infection, malignancy, and hormonal changes. Once in a while, it occurs before a teenage female's first period and is considered a sign of puberty.

Types of Leucorrhea:

Generally, there are three types of Leucorrhea founded in a female that denotes its own symptoms and causes.
1. Physiologic Leucorrhea
2. Inflammatory Leucorrhea
3. Parasitic Leucorrhea

Leucorrhoea Treatment

In details, our Ayurvedacharya Dr. Sunil Dubey explains these three types of Leucorrhea through his own utterance.
1. Physiologic Leucorrhea: This term is used for leucorrhoea caused by estrogen stimulation. Usually, this is not a major issue, yet it is wise to fix the problem as soon as possible. It is possible that the estrogen stimulation is a natural defense mechanism that the vagina implements to maintain its chemical balance and to keep the vaginal tissues elastic.
2. Pregnancy Leucorrhea Naturally, it is common to have leucorrhoea during pregnancy. As the amount of estrogen increases, it is natural for the blood flow to the vagina to increase. If the baby in the uterus is female, exposure to estrogen can cause leucorrhoea for some time after childbirth.
3. Inflammatory Leucorrhea: This is the second type of Leucorrhea named Inflammatory. It is a considerable sexual problem because it occurs in a woman due to inflammation of vaginal mucosa. Sometimes, it causes of Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) or organic bacterial infections (aerobic vaginitis). After delivery, a lot of waste fluid is passed out through the vagina. Therefore back pain with leucorrhoea and foul-smelling lochia may specify failure of uterine involution due to uterine infection.
4. Parasitic Leucorrhea: Leucorrhea can also be caused by other parasites like Trichomonas (this is a group of parasitic protozoa) vaginalis. Recognize it by some common symptoms such as burning, itching and mucus discharge (frothy, thick, discolored or yellow in color).

About the Medication & Treatment:

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