Female Infertility Treatment

Female Infertility Treatment

A Summary of Female Infertility:

Infertility is the worst type of medical condition for a woman which refers to the inability to become pregnant from unprotected intercourse for at least one year. It is female infertility occurring in a woman's life for which both man and woman can be responsible. Here, a woman is responsible for one-third of this infertility, while a man may be equally responsible. Rest of the reasons also affects this female infertility case. In reality, diagnosing female infertility can be difficult, depending entirely on the nature of the infertility. Many childless couples go to many clinics and hospitals to give birth to a child without treatment.

Symptom of Female Infertility:

The first and foremost symptom of infertility is not being able to conceive in a woman. Irregular or absent menstrual cycles that are too long (35 days or more), too short (less than 21 days), can be a sign that you are not ovulating.

1. Inability to get pregnant
2. Irregular of menstrual cycle

The aging can be the other symptoms for this infertility. Generally, the growing age or aging after 35 can also be cause of female infertility.

Causes of Female Infertility:

Indeed, every step of the human reproductive process needs to be perfect for the pregnancy to exist. Following are the steps for these processes:

1. Ovulation Disorder
2. Damage of Fallopian tubes
3. Endometriosis
4. Cervical Causes or Uterine
5. Unexplained Infertility

Our world renowned Ayurvedacharya and India's best sexologist Dr. Sunil Dubey describes in detail all the causes of female infertility in his narration.
Regarding ovulation disorder, he said - How can a woman identify herself that she is suffering from ovulation disorder?

Symptoms of ovulation disorder:

1. Irregular Period – This is common in women
2. Fickle Mood – Including Anxiety, Depression, and Nervousness
3. Weight Changing – Weight gain and obesity with hypothyroidism

Female Infertility Treatment

He said about the loss of fallopian tubes-
Generally, when the fallopian tubes are damaged or blocked, the chances of female infertility become very high. There are many reasons for fallopian tube damage; some of the reasons are –
1. Pelvic Infection (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) is a cause of damaging of Fallopian tubes.
2. Ectopic Pregnancy – A past pregnancy in the fallopian tubes
3. Tuberculosis or Inflammatory Bowel Disease – damage fallopian tubes and uterus
4. The Ruptured Appendix – It also damages the fallopian tubes
5. Bacterial Issues – Especially, Sexually Transmitted Infections (Gonorrhea)
6. Endometriosis – Patches of Endometrial Tissues
7. Others Reasons – Abnormalities in the pelvis

He said about cervical causes being one of the causes of female infertility:
1. Aging is a factor to make a cause of cervical spondylosis (Painful Condition of spine)
2. Overhead work in which the movement of head repeats once and again cause of Cervical
3. Neck Injuries – This is a the other reason of Cervical disturbance
4. Genetic Factors – This factor is also a cause of cervical problem
5. Smoking – It defects both lungs and cervical

He said about unexplained causes which is another reason for infertility in women: Whenever no obvious cause of infertility is found in fertility tests, which mean no clear cause has been identified then it can be termed as unexplained. Fertility testing is done with both the partners for fertility evaluation by which the exact cause can be ascertained.

Our Ayurvedacharya Dr. Sunil Dubey also explains all the stages of fertility, what is the right age and what is the percentage of decline in fertility; everyone can easily understand this-

Cumulative percentage and Average Age for women reaching the following female infertility problems:

1. Subfertility – After 30 years the chance of female infertility is 40% (Initial Age -20 Last Age-42)
2. Sterility – After 40 years the chance of female infertility is 40% (Initial Age – 20; Last Age – 52)
3. Irregular Mensuration- After 45 years the chance of female infertility is 40% (Initial Age-32; Last-56)
4. Menopause – After 50 years the chance of female infertility is 40% (Initial Age – 36; Last Age-64)

And lastly, he requests all the female infertile patients that they should not be afraid of the problem of infertility. Infertility solution is possible in Ayurveda Medicare where any female infertile patient can adopt this and start this traditional and most reliable treatment to conceive them.

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