Low Sexual Stamina Treatment

Low Sexual Stamina Treatment

Stamina has many synonyms such as endurance, firmness, durability, hardness etc. But it is important for everyone to know that what it is contributing to our sexual or daily life. Usually people say you can't do it because you don't have enough stamina. The essence of stamina is actually the root that controls the entire system in our body.

What is stamina and how it works in our daily life?

Dr. Sunil Dubey says about Stamina: It is the ability to do something which involves physical, mental and psychological effort for a long period of time. For example, we can say that if you are doing some work and get it done, then stamina plays a big role in completing that work.

About the basic of Sexual Stamina:

World renowned Ayurvedacharya Dr. Sunil Dubey explains it in his own words – Sexual Stamina is the mental and physical stamina that enables a man or a woman to participate in sexual activity for a longer period of time.

In fact, sexual stamina always refers to the male as we all know that a healthy female has 8 times more sexual stamina than a healthy male. That's why; Man needs to improve his stamina to last longer in bed with his female partner. In short, we can say that stamina often refers to how long a man lasts in bed with his female partner.

In the following cases sexual stamina always matters when a man and a woman have intercourse:
1. Orgasm and Ejaculation:

A man's ability to reach orgasm and ejaculate is the main factor that limits his sexual stamina. After ejaculation, he needs to take a break and let the refractory period pass. Here, the refractory period is associated with a great compound consisting of four phases – exacerbation, plateau, orgasm and resolution. If a man is suffering from premature ejaculation, he will find it difficult to have intercourse for a few minutes before reaching orgasm or ejaculation.

2. Erectile Dysfunction (ED):

This is an important thing to maintain an erection without any interruptions; your body allows you to perform well sexually. If you are affected by sexual dysfunction, your erection may start to decrease during intercourse, this affects your stamina.

3. Physical Tired:

Sex can be exhausting; mainly you couple like it hard and heavy. If your physical fitness is not good then you may start feeling tired even before reaching orgasm. Here stamina is always affected due to physical laxity.

4. Psychological Reasons:

Sooner or later you become depressed due to some psychological reason. If you are feeling anxious, stressed and depressed then it is certain that this psychological factor affects your sexual performance including stamina.

On the request of many men that how they can increase their stamina, our experienced sexologist Dr. Sunil Dubey says- There are many weapons by which a man can increase his sexual stamina in a proper way.

If someone is affecting due to loss of libido then it is essential to consult a sexologist doctor or a healthcare provider where he or she can get proper medication and treatment.

Low Sexual Stamina Treatment
10 Power Booster weapons to enhance Sexual Stamina:

  • 1. Do Exercise daily
  • 2. Eat a healthy diet
  • 3. Try to use Naturopathy Remedy
  • 4. Reduce Stress & Depression
  • 5. Kick unhealthy habits
  • 6. Pay attention to the partner
  • 7. Practice Start-Stop Technique
  • 8. Use Squeeze Technique
  • 9. Spend more time on Foreplay
  • 10. Maintain a healthy weight
  • Our Ayurvedacharya Dr. Sunil Dubey has given 10 tips to increase stamina in men. Now, he explains all the 10 power booster weapons that apart from stamina are really essential for a healthy body and mind.

    1. Do Exercise Daily:

    Daily exercise makes a person healthy and wealthy. Exercise involves building stamina, strength, balance and flexibility of our body and mind. He said that every person should do exercises such as walking, running, cycling, lifting weights, using elastic bands, doing pushups, heel-to-toe walking, standing on the feet and warming up. Pelvic floor exercises also prevent erectile dysfunction.

    2. Eat a healthy diet:

    One should take healthy diet at regular time every day. Fruits and vegetables- control our blood pressure; Carbohydrates- maintain good energy levels in our body, Vitamin D- increase blood-flow, reduce oxidative stress and lower cholesterol.

    3. Try to use Naturopathy Remedy

    Ayurveda and naturopathy treatments always help those individuals who want to lead a healthy life and increase their stamina levels. Dubey Clinic provides complete Ayurvedic medicine where a person with low stamina can easily increase his stamina and energy level.

    4. Reduce Stress & Depression

    Stress and depression always affect our sex life and performance. This may cause low libido or impotence as both increases the heart rate in unhealthy ways. It can also harm our sexual desire including performance.

    5. Kick unhealthy habits:

    Consuming excess alcohol, Smoking, and Chewing tobacco can cause of increasing the risk of impotence. Limit pornography.

    6. Pay attention to the partner:

    Always remember that nature of giving attention and care to each other gives you more satisfaction which balances the hormonal issues.

    7. Practice Start-Stop Technique

    A male person can practice the start-stop technique to improve blood circulation to the private part.

    8. Use Squeeze Technique

    The man can also use the squeeze technique in which he has to follow the guidelines of the expert sexologist.

    9. Spend more time on Foreplay

    Foreplay is the most important activity before intercourse in which both the partners have to work together. Some of the foreplay activities are kissing, gentle touching, tickling, walking around and surprises.

    10. Maintain a healthy weight

    Obesity or being overweight always gives rise to many diseases which include erectile dysfunction. As far as possible, everyone needs to maintain a healthy weight as opposed to being overweight.

    Ayurvedacharya Dr. Sunil Dubey also requests those men who most of the time consume stamina capsules, potency enhancing drugs and some allopathic drugs (antidepressants) because all these not only break your body but also make you a victim of impotence in future. Always be careful with over-the-counter male enhancement pills. If you are suffering from sexual problem or stamina issues then never hesitate to consult Dubey clinic. Just get it on-call and reach the right sexologist destination where you can get the right medicine and proper consultation.

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