Pain during Intercourse Treatment

Pain During Intercourse Treatment

About Painful Intercourse (Dyspareunia):

In the sexology medical science, the pain during intercourse or painful intercourse is called Dyspareunia. It is a genital pain that a woman experiences during or shortly after intercourse. It can be felt extremely internally in the vagina or externally on the vulva, uterus, or pelvis area. In short, we can say that the underlying medical conditions or infections can cause painful copulation. Our world-famous Ayurvedacharya Dr. Sunil Dubey says- The vaginal pain can takes place in a female just before, during, or after copulation. The pain is felt around the genital part. In fact, a female feels pain internally in the vagina, around the vulva, uterus or pelvis domain.

He also added that the painful intercourse is a common condition that can show negative emotion and psychological effects. Apart from physical pain, the couples may suffer from loss of intimacy strain in their relationship. Both male and female can suffer from Painful intercourse in any ages because it is a common sexual dysfunction. Mostly, the women suffer from this painful intercourse sexual problem. Mainly, there are three factors affect this sexual dysfunction like- Physical Factors, Medical Conditions, and Psychological Issues.

Dr. Dubey also said that mostly patients from the Dyspareunia problems are found in United States nearly 10-20% people are affecting from this sexual disorder. In the whole world, the patients of Dyspareunia are found in different places at different ratio. As a medical survey, we can say that the percentage of Painful Sexual Disorder patients 3- 18% in the worldwide.

Types of Painful Intercourse (Dyspareunia) Sexual Disorder:

On asking the famous sexologist Dr. Sunil Dubey how many types it is, and then he said that generally there are two types of Dyspareunia sexual disorder.
Entry Suffering (Superficial Dyspareunia): Entry Suffering is realized at the entrance to the vagina during initial penetration. Some factors are related to Entry Suffering is lack of lubrication, injury, or infection.
Deep Suffering (Collision Dyspareunia): Deep Suffering occurs with a deeper penetration or worse in sexual positions. Only the prime factor of deep pain is medical condition or prior surgery.

In addition to the above two factors, Pain can be described as primary, secondary, complete or situational.

Some women complain that they feel pain during the primary stage of sexual intercourse that means becoming sexually active. Some women reports that they feel pain during the secondary stage of copulation that means they do not experience a pain-free sexual intercourse. Some women yammer the complete pain during their copulation time, since it is the complete stage pain in which they feel pain continuously during the sexual intercourse. Finally, some women sooner or later notice that they feel pain at the situational stage that means the pain happens at any certain times.

Causes of Pain during Intercourse (Dyspareunia):

About causes of Dyspareunia, our world-famous sexologist Dr. Sunil Dubey says- In many cases, we find out this pain during intercourse takes place in a woman life due to insufficient vaginal lubrication. In this situation, a woman can get rid of this painful intercourse if she becomes more relax, participate in more foreplay, or use a sexual lubricant (such as- baby oil, olive oil, Aloe Vera Gel etc.)

Pain during Intercourse Treatment

He throws light on the causes of this Painful Intercourse.

Vaginal Atrophy: When the vaginal lining loses its normal moisture and thickness then it becomes dry, thin, and inflamed. This vaginal atrophy happens in a woman when she takes certain medicines, gets menopause, or her hormone changing.

Vaginal Infection: It is also known as yeast infection that is the cause of painful intercourse.

Cervix Problems: The maximum reach of penis penetration is at the cervix, that's why; problems with the cervix (Infection) can cause a pain during deep penetration.

Uterus Problem: It is related to Uterine Fibroids that can cause of a deep pain during intercourse.

Endometriosis of Uterus: It is a condition where endometrium (Tissues lining the uterus) develops outside the uterus.

Ovaries Problems: Rarely, the ovarian cysts can cause complication due to the disturbance of female pelvic that supports intestine and reproductive organs.

Pelvic Inflammatory Cause: Actually, Pelvis is the lower part of the torso that is located between the abdomen and the legs. The inside of pelvic tissues becomes badly inflamed and the pressure of intercourse that causes deep pain.

Vaginismus: The psychological factor (fear of past trauma or being hurt) plays an important role in Vaginismus that is the component of a spasm of vaginal muscles.

Ectopic Pregnancy: When a women pregnancy occurs in abnormal place or position, then fertilized eggs begin to develop outside the uterus.

In no time intercourse: It is related to early intercourse too soon after surgery of childbirth. It can cause of painful intercourse because the woman likely experience vaginal dryness and some changes after the pregnancy.

STIs: It stands for Sexually Transmitted Infections that includes genital warts, herpes, sores, and other ST infections. It can also cause of a mild or deep pain during the intercourse.

Injury to Vagina: Whenever a woman hurt her private part then it is a painful situation. It can be any injuries like a tear from childbirth, a cut (episiotomy) in the perineum skin, and so on.

Genitalia Skin Disorder: When a female reproductive organ like Genitalia is affected due to Ambiguous then the incompletely developed Genitalia makes problem.

Psychological Problems: Generally, Psychological problem affect not only mentally but it also affects physically. Where one side, anxiety, depression, and lack of self-esteem always obstructs sexual arousal. Suppose, you a sexual abuse victim, then you will always feel despair psychologically. As a result, your sexual activities will always hinder your sensation and you do not perform naturally that needs in your sexual activities.

And at last, our best sexologist in Patna, Bihar India also request those women who are commonly suffer from this Painful Intercourse that they should visit Dubey Clinic. This certified and well-experienced Ayurveda Medicare Team Unit of this clinic provides them the best and highly effective medication, treatment, and consultation for their prosperous sexual and family life.

Tips for Women those who suffer from Sexual Pain during Intercourse:

1. After childbirth a female should wait at least 6 weeks to have a sexual intercourse
2. If the exact reason of vaginal dryness is due to menopause then take Ayurvedic Medicare
3. If there is no underlying medical reason, then sexual therapy must be helpful for that
4. Let go of guilt or negative thoughts and try to forget the past of sexual harassment

On the naturopathy medication and treatment of Dyspareunia, the best sexologist and Ayurvedacharya Dr. Sunil Dubey says- Dubey Clinic provides Ayurvedic Medication, World-famous Ashes, and Some medicated oil & lubricants to the sexual victim. To apply the water-based lubricants to the painful area like vagina, vulva, and labia will be very helpful when they really suffer from vaginal dryness.

He also asked women who use vaginal perfume, bubble bath or scented sanitary pads to stop using them as early in their lives as possible. These luxuries will always increase their vaginal pain during intercourse. These all are very harmful to the patients.

Apart from the above advice adoption for Painful Intercourse, there are some other manageable things those are beneficial to the women patients.
1. To diminish the vaginal dryness, use water or lubricant (mainly silicon based)
2. Try easy and comfortable sexual position and activities during the intercourse
3. Try to avoid stress, anxiety, and past bad memories while sexual intercourse
4. Apply ice packs or cold cream to the vulva after the sexual intercourse
5. Take a healthy diet and try to do exercise and medication everyday
6. Be in touch with your best Ayurveda Medicare Health Unit on-phone

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