Female Sexual Desire Treatment

Female Sexual Desire Treatment

Spontaneous (Natural) sexual desire is commonly known as libido is an individual's sex drive. It always refers to the inclination to be involved in sexual activity. Simply put, it is an erotic feeling characterized by an intense interest in sexual activity alone or with a partner.

Traditionally, it is said that men are more interested in sexual activities than women. There is a certain validity of this belief because sexual desire is based on hormone discharge. Men produce hormone testosterone 10-20 times more than women and this hormonal secretion enhances the interest of sex in men body.

Women's body produces much less testosterone by which their sex drives is more diffuse and more distract able. In general, a female sexual life is more easily influenced by daily events and what is happening in her life than her male partner.

Besides hormonal level, there are many other factors that determine a human sexual desire like- sentiment, affection, relation, physical, psychological, and so on. It is important to know here that the difference in the sexual desire of men and women is not in the quantity of sex but in the quality. As an example- A male more focused on intercourse and orgasm whereas the female sex drive is more driven by adherence and affection particularly in established relationships.

Dr. Sunil Dubey norms of male-female sexual desire:

The world-famous Ayurvedacharya Dr. Sunil Dubey has put forward his thought and some norms about changing female sexual desire how a female is affected her sex-drive and orgasm in her life.

The relationship between a male and a female always determines the sexual desires. Since, the interest of sex is more than men in comparison with women whereas the women have great interest to their relationship. A romantic love and infatuation always fuel a strong sexual response for women's life. When the distraction and fatigue increase then, it leads to a different kind of sexual response from time to time.

The Ayurvedacharya also added that women never begin sexual potentially, she desires and associates with her partner to have and emotional closeness. She realizes each and every activity of a male partner such as- his touching, eye-expression, sensual contact, and stimulation. The best sexologist in Patna also said that we all have to understand a female’s emotion and what she thinks that is more essential in our marital or family life.

A female desire is often a responsive activities rather than a natural event. It develops after the initial sensual contact. While a man's sexual desire may be energized by physical drive, typically a woman's sexual desire develops from her receptivity to gentle, relaxed sensual touching and it reaches at female orgasm.

Most women are influenced by the closeness and emotional intimacy shared. Mainly, it totally depends on a male's thought. Mostly male people want from their female partners' appetite for sex should be as strong and natural as theirs. This is the pervasive myth of the sexually voracious woman has its origins in erotica and pornography, glossy women's magazines, movies, and books.

Female Sexual Desire Treatment
The Necessary Implementations:

Dr. Sunil Dubey says about some necessary implementations in the relationship between a male and female.A female's sexual interest normally peaks during the early months of a relationship when the typically female enhancers of romance, time spent together, mutual self-disclosure, and emotional intimacy are present in high doses, and it has a powerful effect on his sexual drive (Libido). When the level of testosterone decreases then the sexual desire of women in normal life automatically decreases. In the event of stress, there is a decrease in the sexual desire of women. When there is sourness in the relationship, sexual desire also starts decreasing, and then there is a need to strengthen the relationship.

How to increase female sexual desire:

On this question, Dr. Sunil Dubey also expresses his gratitude to those women who really lost her sexual desire and want to increase their sexual desire or libido. First of all, the male partner has to understand that he plays an important role to enhance the female sexual desire; here he should worry about her life-partner. A woman is always hunger for relationship, good memories, sensual incidents, and family. She wants affections, good-behave, and love-touching from her partner.

A male partner has to heed the amount of enhancers that he is providing her. Even small gestures always go a long way. Take your partner fully response. If possible, help your partner with the household chores in the evening so that he can have time for himself. Make her surprise with a phone call to let her know that you have been thinking of her.

Dr. Sunil Dubey also points out that a female feels much excitement in her sexual arousal and desire if all the work in a day was taken place accordingly in her mood. If your partner is happy with you then automatically the interest in sexual activity will increase. It is important that you should take care of it so that both of you can get strength in your sexual life.

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