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Understand Relility of Early Ejaculation:

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Most men want to last longer in bed with their female partners, but only a few are successful in having sexual activities for a sufficient period of time. Premature Ejaculation or Quick Discharge is a sexual dysfunction where 30-40% male people are always suffering from this sexual disorder all over in world.

Every day, around 8-10 patients who are suffering from premature ejaculation come to Dubey Clinic for their treatment. This is really a point to consider how to avoid this premature ejaculation or quick discharge. Both physical and psychological factors play an important role to lead a quick discharge in men. If you are physically and psychically fit then you can avoid this quick discharge sexual dysfunction.

Understand the Reality of long lasting in Bed:

Countless people have asked Dubey Clinic about premature ejaculation and how they can spend more time with their partners. On this question, our world famous Ayurvedacharya Dr. Sunil Dubey says, any person who is struggling with this sexual problem of early discharge should not worry too much. He needs to understand the reality and if he really has sexual disorder related to premature ejaculation then he needs to consult the best and experienced sexologist doctor.

In fact, in today's time, porn films are polluting the natural thinking of people. These erotic and pornographic films are giving distorted messages instead of authentic facts on sexual activities. After watching these porn movies, people compare the ability to last longer in bed with their partners. In sexology medical science, there is no set time for how long a man should “Last” in the bed. It is totally depends on the couple maturity and sexual knowledge.

Impact of Porn Movies: We have already discussed that physical and psychological are the components that play an important role in a male sexual life. As soon as a person watches porn movies, he considers himself a part of that incident and gets immersed in the ocean of orgasm. This incident affects humans psychologically. After a long time he sees the man ejaculating. Now he wants the same thing as happened in that porn movie. This was an imaginary part of life which always troubles a person more than reality.

Many men take power capsules and stamina enhancing drugs to last longer in bed with their partners. They are unaware of the side effects of these medicines and after some time they become weak and realize that they have made a mistake after taking those medicines.

What is Quick Discharge and how long the average time of sexual intercourse?

Generally, this question is always a matter of consideration for all married couples, especially men.

India's senior sexologist Dr. Sunil Dubey says, early discharge or premature ejaculation for a man is mainly a matter of his physical and psychological problems. Sexual patients suffering from premature ejaculation whose semen come out within a minute. This sexual incident is repeated again and again in the lives of those men. This repeated sexual incident leads towards the anxiety and depression of the sexual patients.


Now the question comes that what is the average time of ejaculation of a man?

A healthy man's ejaculation can last for 10 minutes or more while the average man lasts about 6 to 11 minutes in bed.

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Natural Remedies to get rid of Premature Ejaculation or Quick Discharge

Asian Gold Medalist Sexologist & Ayurveda Medicare Researcher Dr. Sunil Dubey is giving some suggestions to the people to avoid this early discharge sexual disease.

First of all, people should live in real life instead of filmy or imaginary life. They need to understand the reality of sexual life and its functions. In life always understand the partner's feeling before and after intercourse.

Tip-01: Greens & Vegetables

A person should include green leafy vegetables which are rich in magnesium and zinc. As far as possible, he should consume fruits, legumes, seeds and nuts in his daily life. According to the study of Sexology Medical Science, it has been found that testosterone levels increase after taking zinc supplements.

Tip-02: Do Pelvic Floor Exercise daily

If a person is able to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles then it can also help him last longer in bed. Do pelvic floor exercises to train the muscles involved in ejaculation and can help you have a controlled orgasm.

How to do pelvic floor exercise:

Lie or sit in a comfortable position in a relaxed posture. Contract your pelvic floor muscles (the area between the anus and the genitals) for 3 seconds and then relax. Repeat this at least 10 times continuously and at least 3 times a day. In this position, never forget to breathe and engage the right muscles.

Tip-03: Stop-Start Technique

If you control your breathing, you have won half the battle. In this stop-start technique, if you feel that you are close to orgasm, then immediately stop your movement. After a moment, when your excitement subsides and you are confident that your climax is still away, you can start it again. For better results, you should apply this technique under the guidelines of a sexologist doctor.

Tip-04: Squeezing Technique

The squeezing technique is exactly like the start and stop technique. In this technique, when you feel an orgasm, stop and squeeze the base of your private parts. Do this for about 30 seconds and take a break. You and your partner can use this technique as often as you want.

In short, we can say that natural techniques and naturopathy are very helpful for any early discharge sexual patient. Dr. Sunil Dubey is one of the best sexologists in India who has cured more than lakhs of sex patients suffering from premature ejaculation. Here he also advises sexual patients how to uproot this problem from their lives forever.

His researched Ayurvedic medicine for Premature Ejaculation Sexual Dysfunction is most sought after among sexual patients of all ages. He provides them with the real need of this medicine for their happy family and sexual life.

If you are not able to understand how to cure sexual problems like premature discharge or premature ejaculation then visit Dubey Clinic.


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