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Sex is essential for every couple, and then you fail is fulfilling the desire of your partner that results into unhealthy relationship. You even find it uneasy to share with people, but then that has got a treatment .

Libido has various factors, both physical and emotional that is lessening your sexual desire. The physical reasons are basically the diseases and the dosage of drugs in medicine. The emotional breakdown to results into libido , that can be stress, anxiety about satisfying their partner, worry, grief,fear of the consequences of sexual activities, like STDs, conflicts between partners, boredom in long term relationships etc. It is important for couples in long- term relationship to work actively at their sex life. Low sexual desire in older men can be caused by a low level of the hormone androgen.

The decrease level of hormones can be increased with the help of medicines that results into more sexual desire and even pleasurable sex life.

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